Get updates from The Prodigal's Brother

Updates for The Prodigal's Brother come out very often, so I wanted you to have multiple options for how often you want your updates.

The most devoted of fans or those who want to discuss the story with me as it progresses (which I'd love to do!) should enjoy the daily feed the most.

The daily feed:

Some would rather read only when a more complete story arc is ready. Since a chapter finishes every month, you can follow the monthly feed to get updates when each chapter finishes:

The monthly feed:

Copy the link to the feed of your choice into your feed reader to subscribe. You can also open the link to view a preview of items in the feed.

What is an RSS feed?

You may be used to subscribing for updates to things via email; sadly, that has become the standard. RSS feeds are both easier for me and better for you.

A quick explanation of RSS and some recommendations for good readers, check About Feeds, an excellent guide to RSS. For a guide to using it on this site and why I use it rather than something else, read on!

To use these feeds, you can copy the link into a RSS feed reader of your choice; you'll get all updates from The Prodigal's Brother automatically and can read them at your convenience alongside updates from any other feeds you choose to follow. On my end, everything is handled automatically without having to pay for or manage the headache of sending mass emails for every update. On your end, you haven't given me your email or any personal information, meaning there's no way for me to sell your private information or spam you; if I start putting spam in the feeds, you can remove them and there's nothing I can do to keep sending you updates.

Easy and seamless. (RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and it is indeed really simple!)

Enjoy your feeds!